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Oracle Forms Move to The Web


Oracle Forms Move to The Web

This course prepares you to realize the benefits of Web-deploying your Forms applications. You migrate a Forms 6i application to the Web with Oracle Forms 10g (10.1.2). You learn to utilize the Web architecture of Oracle Application Server 10g ( components, especially the Forms Servlet, the Forms Listener Servlet, the Forms Runtime Engine, and the Forms Client. After migrating the application, you define certain aspects of its behavior by modifying middle-tier configuration files. You adapt the application to the Web environment and enhance it with Web technologies, including WebUtil, a utility that can replace much of the client-server behavior that you are accustomed to using. You utilize Web-related new features of Forms 10g. You also call Reports from Forms on the Web.
List the benefits of deploying Forms applications to the Web with Oracle Application Server 10g

  • Migrate Forms 6i applications to Web deployment with Oracle Application Server 10g
  • Adapt Forms applications to the Web environment 
  • Use Web technologies to enhance Forms applications 
  • Utilize Web-related new product features for Forms 
  • Call Reports from Forms

Learn to:

  • Working experience with the Web browser
  • Knowledge of PL/SQL

Course Duration – Full Time: The course lasts 5 days.
Course Duration – Part Time: The course lasts 1 month.

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